The State of Culture Report 2023

The future of work is already here.

The State of Culture Report is our first-ever report with a focus on the future of the workplace as determined by the people who shape it—you!

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The new era of work has brought on plenty of growing pains. Increased economic uncertainty has created an air of hesitancy; companies aren’t sure which investments to make, layoffs happen daily, and essential initiatives like DEIB have been halted.

Add the rise of AI in the mainstream and we’re looking at the potential for major transformation in every sector.

With so much room to grow, sound leadership is more essential than ever to sustain great organizations.

That’s what the State of Culture Report is all about. We’re engineering greatness and taking notes from you, our community, along the way.

In this report, you’ll hear from industry leaders about:

The biggest challenges facing HR leadership today

What the work landscape looks like for remote, hybrid, and in-person workers

How core values shift the way we work

How organizations will prioritize employee retention in 2024

Which initiatives will become business imperatives in the years ahead

How technology will change the way we work in 2024 and beyond...

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We surveyed over 6,000 presidents, business executives, HR professionals, and administrators.

Industries represented include Finance, Human Resources, Healthcare, Arts & Entertainment, Tech, and others.

Over the course of one month, the State of the Culture Survey collected answers to questions covering everything from Workplace Wellbeing, to Leadership Challenges, to DEIB Initiatives.

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You don’t get to say what culture is. You have to build culture.