We’re experiencing a shift
in the way we work.

Employees are feeling burned out – more than ever before. Disengagement is rising. And it's become increasingly clear that most employers simply aren’t meeting their people’s needs.

All of this has culminated in ‘The Great Resignation,’ with millions of workers leaving their jobs and employers scrambling for solutions.

But this is only the beginning.


We're facing a revolution in how we approach work. A new kind of employee experience is long overdue. It’s time to treat employees like humans first, and workers second. It’s time for #TheGreatRetention.


Our mission is to transform the Great Resignation into the Great Retention.

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We aim to create a world where every employee feels supported.

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Where remote workers feel connected and engaged.

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Where employee feedback is heard and acted on.

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Where diversity, equity, and inclusion is a central part of every company culture.

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Where every workplace is purpose-driven.

That’s #TheGreatRetention. Will you join us?

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About The Great Retention Podcast

With a growing number of employees leaving their current roles for new opportunities, headlines are dubbing this era The Great Resignation (or The Great Reckoning if you’re an optimist). But from the side of workplace leaders, we’re at a point of The Great Retention.

In order to keep great talent, employers are recognizing that it’s time to challenge the traditional 9-5 and to put their people’s needs first, from flexible work models to team-wide wellness days.

There’s no handbook on the best strategy to take— it’s a new frontier after all— but we’ll chat with CEOs, people leaders, and engagement experts across different industries to uncover real-life stories and advice. We’ll see what has worked (and what hasn’t) when building true employee experience.

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About The Great Retention Awards

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The Great Retention Awards will highlight organizations taking extraordinary strides to retain and engage their people during challenging times.

Companies serving a range of industries will be recognized based on their current employee recognition, engagement initiatives, and employee listening strategies.

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